About Té

Message from Té Teas Founder and President:

I've been drinking tea for longer than I can remember. Tea has always been a very important part of my life and culture and as a result of that I've had the privilege of drinking and enjoying a wide variety of teas harvested from the worlds' most exclusive tea growing estates. Reared in a very traditional Chinese family, tea was more than the most consumed beverage in our house (next to water) and at a very early age I learned to respect and appreciate the many benefits and personalities of the Camellia sinensis plant, otherwise known as tea. Every individual tealeaf bares an appealing magic that is as unique and individual as a flake of snow. From the delicacy and beauty of the leaves themselves to the graceful ballet of the leaves as they unfurl during the steeping process to the broad spectrum of the aromas and flavors of the tea liquor. Over time, I also became very keenly aware of the results of scientific research and studies done around the world touting the health benefits of tea and how tea may be a great ally in the fight against cancer.

I founded Té Teas because I became frustrated and disappointed by not being able to find premium, fresh, real whole leaf estate tea on a consistent basis. Every time my friends, members of my family or I took a trip back to China we were given the mandate to be sure to bring back some real tea with us. As this went on, I became obsessed with sharing the whole tea experience with everyone...in a traditional way...with only the most superior quality teas available anywhere. That is Té's purpose, focus and reason for being. to bring you the wonderfully satisfying experience of real, ultra premium whole leaf tea.